• Who We Are

Muse is a project from Thyme Supperclub.

What are supperclubs?

Supperclubs are underground restaurants hosted in private homes. Like a lot of other things which fall under the ‘not strictly legal’ category, they are a lot of fun. The concept is simple: you open your home to people we haven’t met. They book online, you sit them around a long communal table and give them wine and great food.

We started small, but as the months went by, we started to receive a huge amount of inquiries from locals and tourists alike. As the demand for seats increased, so it became apparent that we’d either have to find a bigger flat, or do something different. We never intended to open a proper restaurant, but sometimes life takes over!

Who is Thyme Supperclub

Thyme Supperclub was started in 2010 by Caroline Grinsted and Tobias Zeller and really blazed the trail for the supperclub scene in Berlin. Coming from an event management background in her native England, Caroline developed a serious passion for cooking in her own time. With Caroline in the kitchen, Tobias was the host in the dining room, and could (almost always) be found refilling your glass with more great wine. Tobias’s background is a combination of entrepreneur, world traveller, painter and more recently, designer. Somehow he managed to add the skill of ‘charming host’ to his already impressive repertoire, and voila, you have Thyme Supperclub! 

Thyme Supperclub is now hosted exclusively in Muse, and dates are announced via our monthly Mailing List.