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Metti una Sera a Cena at Muse

Posted by Kristi on 11/27/2013


Last Saturday, we hosted Berlin's Italian supperclub 'Metti una Sera a Cena' at Muse. Chiara and Marco, the brains (and beauty) behind the supperclub, took the opportunity to test out some of their new creations. I think I can safely vouch for everyone who was there, and declare them a success!


Having collaborated with them in the past, we were really excited to see (and of course I mean eat) what they had planned. As is their style, they brought together classic Italian techniques and flavours, and presented them beautifully with their own artistic twist.

Chiara and Marco at work 

One of their signature creations, crisped bread coloured with squid ink, went beautifully with their salad of smoked trout with orange, green apple and almonds. It almost felt like summer. For about 15 seconds, before we looked outside again. 

Plating the salad


Salad finished

Then came the lasagna. Or should I say, THE LASAGNA!! 

Lasagna in progress

Given Chiara and Marco's natural flair for refined, beautifully presented food (and lasagna's repuatation for being, well, the opposite) we were surprised to see it on the menu. Of course, we'd never had lasagna with radicchio and cocoa nib before, and it was absolutely delicious. It might be some kind of Italian sacrelige, but we absolutely loved it. Did I mention it had bacon on top? See photo...it did.


The third course proved a divisive one: gorgonzola ice cream and strawberry jam (which I must say, Dave and I absolutely loved). But hey, not everyone likes gorgonzola. And my assumption is, if you don't like it when it is shaped like cheese, then you definitely won't like it when it has been transformed into a deceivingly dessert-like quenelle. 

The main course was a hazelnut-crusted cod, topped with a clever take on a potato chip and served with pear purée. Yums all around!

Cod filet

To finish, they served a beautifully plated simple dessert of bitter chocolate and pineapple reduction. 

Bitter chocolate cupcake

Between working with Chiara and Marco and having such a fun group on Saturday, we had a blast and really enjoyed ourselves. We will definitely be having these guys back :)

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