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Worldcup @ muse

Posted by tobias on 06/22/2014

WorldCup @ Muse


We hope you had a great time with our Full HD 3m Screen outside and our second Screen inside. Will be showing all major games till the end! Also sensible to make a reservation

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May @museberlin

Posted by Tobias Zeller on 04/03/2014

Wie immer werden die Plätze auf Basis "first come, first serve" vergeben. Also gebt uns schnell Bescheid um sicher zu gehen dass Ihr einen Platz bekommt!  

The Italian Job, Mai 3. Unsere Freundinnen und Kolleginnen Feda und Ilaria führen ihren eigenen ersten Supperclub durch. Vier Gerichte, informeller Italienischer Flair! 25€ pp exkl Getränke

Pub Quiz, Mai 10. Meldet euer Team jetzt an oder kommt alleine. Unseren zweisprachiger (DE/EN) Pub Quiz mit unseren beliebten Sandwiches und einer geladenen Bar. Zur späteren Stunde eröffnen wir unsere Tanzfläche.

Medina, Mai 17. Moderne Arabische Küche - sieben Gerichte vom Gastkoch Stefan Dadarski serviert. 46€ pp exkl. Getränke

Kitchensurfing präsentiert… Mai 24. Kitchensurfing Gastköche Ximena and Benjamin kochen zusammen ein Fusion-Menü aus Ecuador und Frankreich. Fünf Gerichte und Überraschungen. 42€ pp exkl. Getränke

Thyme Supperclub Mai 31. Caroline kocht in der Küche und Tobias serviert Wein wie immer. Fünf Gerichte und unsere berüchtigten Überraschungen! 45€ pp exkl. Getränke.


May @muse 

The Italian Job, May 3. Our friends and colleagues Feda and Ilaria manage and cook for their own first supper club. 4 courses, informal Italian flair! 25€ pp excl drinks

Pub Quiz, May 10. Register your team now, to join in our dual language (DE/EN) pub quiz. Food available to order from our regular sandwiches menu and drinks from the bar.

Medina, May 17. Modern Arabic kitchen. Seven courses from guest chef Stefan Dadarski. 46€ pp excl. drinks

Kitchensurfing präsentiert… May 24. Kitchensurfing guest chefs Ximena and Benjamin combine their unique skills to produce an Ecuador / French fusion event. Five courses plus surprises. 42€ pp excl. drinks

Thyme Supperclub classic, May 31. Caroline cooking in the kitchen and Tobias serving wine out front. Five courses plus the usual surprises along the way. 45€ pp excl. drinks.

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Zuhause's Posh Pub

Posted by Kristi on 10/29/2013

After 2 over years of hosting supperclubs, we like to think we're pretty well versed in pairing food with wine. We love wine, we feel like we 'know' wine. But we also love beer, though we don't know half as much about its mysterious golden innerworkings! Which got us thinking a few weeks back- we should learn more about it. And what better way to do that than by pairing it with food?


One thing we obviously did know about beer is that it's much more filling than wine. Because of this we decided on a 4-course menu, which would give our guests enough to eat, while still (critically) leaving enough room to drink!

We called it 'Posh Pub', taking inspiration from classic pub flavours, and putting our own twist on them. 

pork scratchings

me and dave

For the first course, we served Irish mussels, cooked in cider instead of white wine, with barley, cabbage, bacon and apple. Though technically not a beer, we paired the course with a pint of Aspall Cyder on ice.

mussels ale

The second course was a redo of one of our all-time favourite creations: our take on a scotch egg. The pork is seasoned with soya sauce and sesame, the whole thing is panko breaded, and to finish is served with miso butter. This was a tricky one for us, as we needed a beer at least interesting as the dish, which would compliment the asian flavours. We were recommended an absolutely outstanding Citra Ale from Hopfenstopfer to pair with this course and the combination was very exciting (if we do say so ourselves)!

scotch egg salsify

For the main course we went with curry flavours, something spicy and strong to pair with our fresh Pils from Wedding's Eschenbräu brewery. Except for the mini shallot bhajis, we didn't get any photos of this dish, so you'll have to use your imagination for this: braised beef brisket, sweet potato purée, curry, mini shallot bhajis, and coriander oil.

onion bhajis

The dessert was a whole new experience for us as far as beer is concerned. We've used a lot of Guinness in our cooking before, both in savoury and sweet things, but this time we used an *extremely* rich Imperial stout from Samuel Smith's. We set the stout as a jelly and served it as a trifle with custard and khalua cream. To finish, we added some chocolate soil and maple popcorn, and of course, served it with a bottle of Samuel Smith's. It was incredibly smooth and nearly coffee-like, and altogether just a really nice finish to a meal.

stout trifle

We had an absolute blast with everyone who came, too, and appreciated all the feedback and enthusiasm from everyone! We're definitely going to do this again...our venture into beer territory has only just begun!

Special thanks to Felix of Lieblingsbier (aka Bierblogger on Twitter) and Berlin Bier Shop!

photos by Kristi Korotash

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