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Ecuador meets France: Dinner by Kitchensurfing Chefs Ximena Jurado Llosa and Benjamin Schmitt

The Kitchensurfing Chefs Ximena Jurado Lloso and Benjamin Schmitt have created a special menu for Muse, combining the unique flavours from Ecuador with classic french cuisine. A fusion menu you won’t find so soon again in Berlin.

-Tataki salmon with red radish and Granny Smith apple. Grilled spring onions.
-Fish and shrimp ceviche, in lime and tomato sauce with onion and coriander
-Roasted lamb filet with potatoes and parsley jus. Lamb jus and black olives.
-Caramelised orange and dark chocolate brownie, aromatic cream
-Petit fours by Ximena


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Kitchensurfing Chef Ximena Jurado Lloso:
Ximena combines the cuisines of Peru and Ecuador, as she lived and worked as a chef in both countries. In Berlin she built her own brand "la guagua" producing sweets, chocolates and other confectionary, and she also has a supper club series in Berlin.

Kitchensurfing Chef Benjamin Schmitt:
Benjamin is a classic french trained chef, he worked in several Michelin star restaurants from Paris to Berlin, including Stefan Hartmann in Berlin. His cuisine is classic modern french with asian influences, and he has his own supper club series Umami in Berlin.

per Person

Menu 42.00

Drinks 19.00


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