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The Estonian

Truly authentic Estonian dishes, from the tables of peasants over the last centuries is generally considered unpleasant by modern standards.

For this reason we've decided to base our menu on modern Estonian cuisine starting from the early 20th century. This takes most of its influences from our Scandinavian and Baltic neighbours but also from countries that used to rule over Estonia in the past, particularly Germany and Russia.

Additionally, we want to acknowledge Estonia’s long tradition of taking the most out of the short summer and preserving fresh products like berries, mushrooms and various vegetables for the long, dark winter. This menu is inspired by the wintery tastes of Estonian cuisine, honouring our family traditions while looking forward to the future, and will include:

Porcini mushroom pies, salted herring with pickled onions and quail eggs
Soup with Estonian black bread
Cod with turnips and salsify
Beef fillet with red onion jam, berries, and roasted roots
Kama mousse with redcurrants
Estonian caraway cheese with buckwheat galettes

Canapes, plus a tasting menu of five courses at the tables. Vegetarian menu available by advance request.

Peeter & Paul Kormašov


Brothers Kormašov

As you see from the historic picture, Peeter and Paul Kormašov developed a love of good food at a young age and keep in touch with their family roots through food and dining.

They are also multi-talented creatives, who work professionally as cooks alongside their more classical literary and artistic pursuits.

Paul is a painter and visual artist, who graduated from Tartu Art College in 2013. His work focuses mainly on urban life, and is influenced by abstraction and cubism.

Peeter studied Cultural Journalism at the Berlin University of Arts; after spending several years travelling around the world, most recently in Australia, he’s settled in Berlin where he works as a writer. His next book is due out later this year.

Muse is now proud to count both Kormašov brothers among the permanent Muse kitchen team members.

per Person

Menu 43.00

Drinks 24.00


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