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Valentine Day - no merci

Say "non merci!" to Valentine's Day at our event on 14th Feb 2015

Let us look backwards - in 2014 we have started our first "Valentine's Day? No Mercy!". It was a great evening which ended up on our dance floor till early in the morning. And the outcome:

3 x

Single guests are invited to attend with a single friend of the opposite sex. And of course this evening is also gay friendly as all evenings at Muse. Or just leave your partner at home and be a single again - at least for one night!

You may or may not meet the love of your life, but you're guaranteed a great night out, without being surrounded by smug couples kissing over their over-priced Valentine's set menu. along with some great drinks and wines


Valentines Day


Valentines Day

 A festival of romantic love? Non merci!


We're turning it on its head, with our singles' night. No romance, no red roses, no overpriced food. Just meet new people in a relaxed setting, over good food and drink.

per Person

Menu 33.00

Drinks 18.00


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